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College Connect Hub

College Connect is Emory College's new software solution for appointment scheduling, event registrations and student applications for various programs. "The Hub" will act as the central location for students to find links to all of the registration pages they will need within College Connect.

To find what you are looking for, first choose the appropriate tab for the program you are looking for, and then choose the appropriate link to register for the service you need.

College Connect is for the sole use of Emory University undergraduate students only. If you are not an Emory University undergraduate please contact the relevant program regarding eligibility to utilize their services.
Class of 2023 - Summer Advising
We are excited to welcome to Class of 2023 to Emory. Information regarding pre-registration advising and registration for advising appointments for the Class of 2023 will be communicated in late June 2019. Any available appointments at present are for currently enrolled students only. Please visit the Orientation website or contact if you have any immediate questions.

Advisors in the Office for Undergraduate Education are assigned to students based on their last name or by their visa status. To schedule an appointment with your OUE Advisor, please choose the most appropriate option from the list below.


Academic Coaches are Emory undergraduate student peers who are trained to work with students on both an individual level and in larger workshop settings around various broad academic skills related topics.

In a coaching session, the peer coach works collaboratively with the student to identify next steps, solutions, skill building or resource opportunities.

Topic areas that may be covered in individual sessions or workshops can include:

  • communicating with faculty and TAs
  • improving time management
  • academic study skills
  • goal setting and problem solving
  • overcoming procrastination
  • academic stress/ test anxiety
  • referrals to a wide variety of campus resources

Students interested in the Dual Degree Program with Georgia Tech can register for advising appointments here.

Peer Mentor Groups are based on Collaborative Learning, a successful instruction method in which students work in groups toward a common academic goal. Peer Mentor Groups provide an opportunity for students to work together to explore important concepts, review class notes, discuss reading assignments, practice test-taking strategies, and prepare of examinations. Sessions are facilitated by an Emory undergraduate student recommended by faculty and trained in meta-cognitive and group facilitation skills.

Peer Mentors offer weekly group sessions for BIOL141/142, CHEM150, CHEM 202, CHEM 203, CHEM 204, PHYS141/142 and QTM100.

Students enrolled in these courses are encouraged to attend Peer Mentor sessions on a regular basis. There is no limit to the number of sessions that a student can attend!

Peer Tutoring is available for a variety of specific courses within Emory College of Arts and Sciences. During a session you can review course content, master basic concepts and develop more advanced skills under the guidance of an undergraduate student (EPASS Peer Tutor) that has successfully completed the course, with a B+ or higher, on Emory’s campus.

EPASS Peer Tutoring is designed to provide content specific support while fostering the development of the independent learner. Any student enrolled in an Emory College course that is supported by EPASS is eligible for 2 hours of peer tutoring per week.

The EPASS Peer Tutoring programs operates seven days a week between 8:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. All tutoring appointments take place at Cox Hall Computer Lab, the Math and Science Library, E301 Math and Science Building or the 2nd floor of Woodruff Library under the EPASS banner.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program supports international Emory College students who are non-native speakers of English. We administer the Emory English Assessment (EEA) placement test, and we offer specialized grammar and writing courses and an ESL tutoring service with well-trained peer tutors. 

Please use the link below to schedule an appointment with the National Scholarships and Fellowships Team

Pre-Health Advising (PHA) serves Emory undergraduates and alumni who are interested in healthcare professions. PHA assists students at every stage of their pre-health journey, starting with exploring careers in healthcare through preparing for and applying to healthcare graduate programs.

Undergraduate Research Programs’ mission is to provide and support undergraduate research opportunities for students and faculty in all fields of study, across a student's full career.

Undergraduate Research Programs offers one-on-one peer advising for students who would like support in getting involved in research, finding research opportunities, and/or tailoring individualized research plans.

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