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Student Concern Form

Emory is a community of care and takes an active role in meeting the needs of our students. From time to time, members of our community may have concerns about the academic or personal wellbeing of our students. The Student Concern Form (also known as a CARE Report) allows university administration to process, track, and provide appropriate support to students where needed.

Submitting a CARE Report

CARE reports are submitted through a common university form. This form routes concerns to an appropriate staff member for follow-up. Academic concerns regarding Emory College students are routed through the Office for Undergraduate Education for handling. Once a CARE Report has been received, staff in the OUE will reach out to the student to offer appropriate academic support.

Before submitting this form, and where appropriate, we recommend that you discuss your concerns with the student and determine whether the student is aware of and has utilized academic resources.

Submit a CARE Report

Concerns regarding social or behavioral issues are routed to the Student Case Management and Intervention Services team in Campus Life.

Please understand that case managers from these offices are not always able to share details about their interactions with the student you referred. They will work with the student and will contact you if needed about accommodations or actions related to your course.


COVID-19 Response

Due to COVID-19, faculty are likely to receive notifications from students about isolation or quarantine requirements. You may hear directly from a student regarding their situation. In these cases, please submit a CARE report and check "Yes" on the question heading "Academic Support for Students in Isolation/Quarantine." 

Emory College students who are isolating or quarantined will be contacted by the OUE to provide necessary academic support.

Further information for faculty on in-person students who are isolated or quarantined can be found in our guidance document.

Guidance for Faculty on In-Person Students in Isolation or Quarantine

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