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Medical Health Insurance

Emory students on Emory-sponsored international travel, such as an approved Emory study abroad program, are covered by emergency evacuation and medical insurance, as well as access to emotional support services, while traveling overseas. This emergency and medical insurance is provided by ACE American Insurance Company, a member of the Chubb Group of Companies. Additionally, this emergency evacuation and medical insurance offered by Emory University where services and coordination of benefits is initiated by contacting International SOS. Before going abroad, students must create a profile with ISOS and will be able to access important health and safety information. A separate medical card is not needed for proof of coverage, only your ISOS card (available here) and membership number #11BYSG000003.

View the details of what is covered through this emergency evacuation and medical insurance program here, and if you have any questions about the benefits, please contact Kenya Casey, Director of Global Safety and Security at Emory University.

For all emergency medical incidents, please ensure ISOS is contacted immediately.  Information on ISOS and the link to download the ISOS app are included in the link below.

Dates of Coverage

The emergency medical insurance coverage begins on the first date a traveler departs the U.S. (or home country if outside the U.S.) and ends on the date when they return to the U.S. (or home country if outside the U.S.).

When personal travel is conducted in conjunction with Emory work/sponsored travel, coverage is extended for up to 10 days for the personal travel. For example, a student travels a week prior to their program and stays over for a week afterwards.  The student would be covered for up to 10 of the 14 personal travel days.

What is Not Covered?

Routine non-emergency medical care is excluded.  Examples include, but are not limited to: annual physicals, dental cleanings, follow up medical visits which are not an emergency, and similar.  This is a supplemental emergency medical plan which does not replace your personal health insurance for routine medical needs.

How Does Payment Work?

ISOS will provide an upfront guarantee of payment for the medical cost. Be sure to contact International SOS at the onset of an emergency need. 

Important Note

All Emory students are required to carry a primary insurance policy as mandated by Emory University. Information about the mandatory health insurance policy is available through Student Health Services.  In some cases, the primary insurance policy in which a student is currently enrolled may not cover certain conditions or needs while abroad. As a student enrolled in an Emory study abroad program, the emergency evacuation and medical insurance will provide supplemental  emergency coverage for the duration of the program.
Please take the time to review your own personal health insurance and its coverage parameters. The insurance supplied by Emory University is meant only to be supplemental to your personal insurance. If you have pre-existing conditions, be sure to contact your primary insurance to understand what will or will not be covered.