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Honor Council

For the last century, a student-initiated honor system has governed integrity in all academic assignments, while providing a platform for the fair consideration of allegations.

Students, faculty, and administrators participate in the College Honor Council, which investigates all reports of academic misconduct. Students on the Honor Council play an important role in the resolution of every case, and Emory College students must vote to approve any changes to the Honor Code.

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Mission Statement

At Emory University, academic integrity is the foundation of our shared pursuit of knowledge and truth. The Undergraduate Academic Honor Code furthers the University’s mission by securing the integrity of all academic assignments and matters. We seek to inspire students and faculty to participate in a community of mutual responsibility and accountability, recognizing that intellectually productive classes depend on mutual trust of students and faculty.  

The Emory College Honor Council, which includes both students and faculty, strives to be a model for the exceptional administration of a collegiate academic misconduct process. The Honor Council seeks to: 

  • support the student body by educating students about the Honor Code and instilling the value of academic integrity; 
  • advise students about the academic misconduct process;
  • investigate and adjudicate all allegations of academic misconduct in an impartial, professional, and timely manner while maintaining accurate and confidential records; 
  • foster the intellectual and professional development of individual student Honor Council members through comprehensive training and educational programs; and 
  • assist faculty in the College by providing instruction about the Honor Code and the process for resolving reports.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct may include familiar behaviors, such as cheating on exams or plagiarizing, as well as less familiar actions outlined in Appendices at the end of the Undergraduate Academic Honor Code.

Students who feel overwhelmed and may be tempted to cheat should consider the potential consequences of academic misconduct, which are always more serious than turning an assignment in late or not turning it in at all. If you are struggling to complete an assignment on time, make an effort to contact the professor and find out what options you have. If you are having general academic or personal difficulties, Emory provides a number of resources including student support servicescounseling services, academic success programs, and the Writing Center.

All members of the Emory community are obligated to report any suspicions of academic misconduct. To report a possible Honor Code violation, contact Blaire Wilson, Senior Associate Director of the Honor Council, at 404-727-8928 or

Other Honor Councils

The Undergraduate Academic Honor Code applies to all students enrolled in course work in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Goizueta Business School, and Oxford College. Undergraduate students reported in Goizueta Business School or Oxford College should contact their respective Honor Code administrators.

Goizueta Business School:                Oxford College:

Dean Jessica Lowy                                 Dean Valerie Molyneaux

Ms. Harriet Ruskin 


All other units have their own Honor Code policy and questions should be directed to their listed representative:

Academic School

Honor Code Administrator

Candler School of Theology

Dean Teresa Fry Brown

Laney Graduate School

Dean Jennifer Cason

Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

Dean Lisa Muirhead

Rollins School of Public Health

Dean Kara Brown Robinson

School of Law

Dean Kelly Woodford

School of Medicine

Dean Douglas Ander

*List last updated on 11/30/2023


Involvement in ICAI

International Center for Academic Integrity

Emory University is an institutional member of the International Center for Academic Integrity. Emory College Honor Code administrators actively participate in the organization and its activities. To join the institutional membership as a representative from Emory, please contact Blaire Wilson.