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Visiting Students

Undergraduate students who are enrolled at another college or university are eligible to apply for certain Education Abroad programs as transient (or visiting) students. 

Transient students who meet all Emory and host-specific eligibility requirements are eligible to apply to the following programs:

Other Semester Study Abroad programs may be open to transient students; please contact an Education Abroad Advisor to learn more.

Here are a few things transient students may want to keep in mind about education abroad

Home Institution Authorization

Transient students are encouraged to meet with the education abroad office on their home campus to discuss academic credit transfer and other issues relating to their study abroad plans. Students participating in an Emory study abroad program must submit the Home Institution Authorization form as part of the application process.

Download the relevant form below:

SEMESTER PROGRAMS: Home Institution Authorization Form

SUMMER PROGRAMS: Home Institution Authorization Form

Financing Education Abroad

Transient students

Transient students do not qualify for Emory financial aid. Students are encouraged to meet with the education abroad office and financial aid office on their home campus to discuss funding opportunities.

Dependents of a current Emory employee

If the student is a dependent of a current Emory employee, he/she may be eligible for the Emory Employee Courtesy Scholarship . The Courtesy Scholarship is applied to the academic fee (tuition) of the education abroad program; students are responsible for paying for other fees for room, board, visa, and other expenses.

Education Abroad Registration and Transcripts

Participants on Education Abroad programs are registered at Emory for the term abroad. Grades and credits earned overseas are granted on the same basis as those obtained on the Emory campus; credits are awarded in semester hours.

Upon completion of the program, the transient student will need to request that Emory's Registrar  send a copy of their Emory transcript to their home institution.