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Domestic Transient Study

Domestic Transient Study is designed for students who are completing their first year at Emory College of Arts and Sciences. The program allows students to enroll at accredited institutions within the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) during the summer to earn credits towards their Emory College of Arts and Sciences degree. Students must be in good standing at Emory with a GPA of 2.0 or higher to be eligible for Domestic Transient Study.

Students seeking approval for international transient study should visit the International Transient Study page.


To participate in Domestic Transient Study, you should:

  1. Complete the online application process, attach required course documentation, and pay the one-time $100 application fee, if applicable.
  2. Receive letter from DTS coordinator detailing course approval (or rejection).
  3. If approved, apply to the external institution as a transient or visiting student. You will also receive a Letter of Good Standing via your application status portal that you may provide to the Host Institution. 
  4. After you’ve completed the transient coursework, you must request that the host institution send an official transcript to:
    Transient Study
    Office for Undergraduate Education
    Emory College of Arts and Sciences
    301 Dowman Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30322
    Or electronically to
    Please submit your transcript request as soon as summer grades are posted. We should receive your transcript by October 1 at the latest in the following fall semester. 

Virtual Information Sessions

The Transient Study Office will hold two virtual informational sessions via Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.  

Click here to join one of these sessions when you have any questions or need additional information on Domestic Transient Study.

Note: While our team intends to hold these sessions regularly, please note that we could seldom cancel some sessions due to a holiday, staff unavailability, etc. If you do not see a host / our staff joining in the first five minutes, that means we are not able to hold the session on that particular day.

Application Process

First Application

If you have never submitted a Domestic Transient Study Application, then you should indicate that you are completing an initial application in the first portion of the Domestic Transient Study Application. You will pay your $100 application fee through the application portal after submission.



For students who can demonstrate financial need, you may request an application fee waiver as you complete the application.

Supplemental Application

If you have already applied for Domestic Transient Study but wish to add a different school or additional courses to your application, then you can create a second, supplemental application in the system once a decision is made on your existing application.

No payment is required for supplemental applications.

Upperclass Students

In addition to freshmen, upperclass students who have completed 64 hours of coursework at Emory College and are in good standing may be eligible to receive sixteen semester hours and one semester of residence credit towards their degree for advanced-level courses taken at another college or university. Courses must apply towards the student’s major/minor program of study and be courses not offered at Emory. Eligible courses may be completed fall, spring or summer.

To be eligible, the chair of the appropriate department at Emory must approve the programs of study, certify the advanced level of the proposed courses of study, and provide a compelling reason why the student cannot complete their major/minor programs of study at Emory. Once the department chair has certified the courses of study, students must complete the Domestic Transient Study application process for final approval.

Students may also seek eligibility for transient study through the Committee on Academic Standards (CAS) Appeal process. Eligible courses may be completed fall, spring or summer. Once CAS has granted permission for transient study, students must complete the Domestic Transient Study application process for final approval.