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Education Abroad

Each year, we offer more than 90 semester and academic year programs, and 20 - 25 summer programs in 40+ countries around the world. Our programs allow for students to learn about new cultures and societies, while complementing Emory's academic offerings and disciplines.

Program Options

Semester Abroad

Our semester abroad programs offer three types of experiences; full immersion, island-style, and a hybrid of the two.  A full immersion experience allows students to enroll in a local university, where an island-style experience allows students to take courses with other U.S. students in a traditional academic environment.

Students will ...

  • enroll in a full course load; minimum of 15 Emory credits.
  • fulfill major, minor and/or general education requirements (GER).
  • take classes for elective credits.
  • utilize full financial aid and/or Emory scholarship.

Summer Abroad

Our summer abroad programs are led by Emory faculty, with a few exceptions. Students can participate in multiple summer programs during any summer semester, including the summer after their senior year.

Students will ...

  • fulfill major, minor and/or general education requirements (GER).
  • take classes for elective credits.
  • utilize financial aid in some cases.
  • expand their Emory network by experiencing local cultures with fellow Emory students and faculty.

Experience Education Abroad

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Post Abroad Opportunities

Students returning home from their Education Abroad program are encouraged to continue building on the skills and experiences they had abroad. Our office has opportunities for students to engage with the local community, share their experience with other prospective Education Abroad students, and connect with other returning Education Abroad students. 

In order to improve the programs and services that we provide, the Office of International and Summer Programs requests your feedback from your recent education abroad experience. All responses will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. All program evaluations will be emailed directly to participants after the end of your program. If you did not receive a program evaluation, but would like to give feedback, please be in touch with your education abroad advisor.

All Education Abroad alumni may submit a blog or vlog through our online submission form that capture your memories abroad.

Emory Explorers Blog

This year, the Education Abroad office is bringing back our photo contest. Students who studied abroad in Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 are invited to submit photos to the Photo Contest. The photos are reviewed by a panel of judges based on their category, caption, aesthetic value, and technical quality. Click here to enter your photos.

Have you studied or lived abroad? Interested in networking with other internationally-minded students? Do you want to improve your leadership skills? The GILC promotes leadership, cross-cultural communication, and builds social networks. Highlights include: a service project, guest speakers, networking sessions, teambuilding activities, and communication.

Georgia International Leadership Conference

Numerous internationally-focused organizations in the Atlanta/Emory area offer Emory students internship and volunteer opportunities.  Expand your study abroad experience by bringing your international knowledge and skills back to the Atlanta community. 


The Peer Advisors serve as a resource to inspire interest in education abroad by enthusiastically sharing their personal insight and providing information about various education abroad opportunities. OISP hires new peer advisors who start in August every year.

Peer Advisor Application 

If you are interested in being a Peer Advisor, but the application above is not currently open, please contact us at