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Non-Emory Programs

If you cannot identify one of our existing Emory-approved study abroad program that meets your compelling academic needs, then you may submit a Non-Emory Study Abroad Program Petition to request approval to receive transfer credit from another study abroad program. All petitions are reviewed by the Education Abroad Committee (EAC) and the decision of the EAC is final.

Non-Emory Petitions

Follow these steps to move forward with a Non-Emory Petition application:

  1. Meet with your Faculty Academic Advisor, discuss your plans in the context of your major/minor, GERs, and general academic career, and obtain their approval.
  2. Meet with a Faculty Study Abroad Representative in the department(s) for which you seek transfer credit to get their approval for classes that you plan to take on your non-Emory program.
  3. Complete the online petition application, demonstrating a compelling academic reason requesting this exception.
Non-Emory Petition Application 

Approved Non-Emory Petitions

If you obtain an approval from the Education Abroad Committee (EAC), you will...

  • Remain registered at Emory as an off-campus student.

  • Receive general transfer credit for approved courses taken on the approved petition program. Your earned credits will not be direct Emory credit and your grades will not be transferred.

  • Be able to utilize eligible federal and state financial aid.  Emory grants or scholarships cannot be applied.